Please allow me to share a story…

yJl7OB3sSpOdEIpHhZhd_DSC_1929_1Not so long ago, I had the grand idea of bringing in a proven personal finance course at a local community venue.  The goal was simple…to give folks the tools necessary to get a firm handle on their personal finances, so that they could reach their life’s goals. Once the class began, we discussed a myriad of personal finance topics, one of which was the budget, but according to the course, we were only to hand-out a written budget outline, and have everyone fill it in…as if they had a clue what to put in each category.  And there I saw the problem…these people are not yet capable of writing a budget because they had never done it before and had no guidance on how to complete it.  It is similar to buying a gym membership, not knowing the first thing about how to become fit…you just walk around, doing what you see others doing, then cancel your membership within a month because “it’s not working”.

I cannot tell you the amount of questions I fielded as the course went on, most of which stemmed from the misunderstanding of how to construct a budget. You see, the budget is the cornerstone of your entire ‘personal finance’ building, and without an accurate budget, you are set up for failure.  Please know that’s it’s not your fault…you’ve simply not ever been told. For example, it’s very easy to say that you spend $400 a month on food, $200 a month on gas, and so forth, but it’s a paradigm shift to know that I actually spend $850 a month on food, $350 a month on gas.  Knowledge is power, and once you know what you are spending, you can begin to take steps to either increase or decrease the spending, depending on the situation. And so, thinking on all of this, I began to search for a ‘budget coach’ that could help the group construct their budgets, but there were no such persons or companies found…only online documents (just like the one that confused everyone) and apps (which are just as non-helpful).

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetAnd so, I created to offer a solution.  I’m offering a personalized, customized, written budget that is based on your actual spending (not estimated spending), which will serve as your cornerstone of your personal finance portfolio.  Once you have that in place, it is much, much easier to say “Yes, I can pay an additional $500 a month on my student loans”, or “I can put another $100 into my IRA” or “Holy Cow!  I really spend that much on food?!”

So, there you have it, folks.  My first blog entry.  I’d love to take you all on an adventure with me.  I humbly request that you subscribe to my blog, and entertain the idea of doing business with me.  I offer a 30-day trial membership, so you really have nothing to lose. Click here to get started