Alex Pineda

I approached David Thompson Financial because I sought a professional to educate me before making important financial decisions for my life.  David was able to help me by discussing how money works, and how I could implement these strategies to maximize my life.  What impressed me the most about David was the encouragement that I received. He was never negative about my financial situation. Sometimes we forget the importance of positive reinforcement as we start new challenges.  I recommend David to all my friends and family who are interested in preparing for the future, anyone struggling with debt or anyone who wants to go deeper into finances education.

Mills Family

David Thompson Financial assisted me in securing my family’s financial happiness.  I was impressed with David’s personal touch and concern for both our immediate and long-term needs.  I recommend David to my family and friends in need of life insurance and overall financial guidance.


Yates Family

Testimonial Pic_Alisa and Jaymz YatesWe were absolutely delighted with the service! Definitely the best bang for the buck! And it is really refreshing to work with a financial coach who is genuinely interested in the client’s wants and needs. What really impressed me was the way David took the time to understand where we had come from, and where we wanted to go. David promptly gave us a written budget, and tips on how to correct our problem areas. We are happy to recommend his services to anyone in need.


Shannon Ivey

Testimonial Pic_Shannon IveyI just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Your services are exactly what we needed. I’ve been overwhelmed by my finances for most of my adult life, so having and living by a written budget will be a difficult step, but with David’s encouragement and constant support, I feel that I CAN do this!!




Jennifer Howard

Testimonial Pic_Jennifer Howard (1)Mine was a situational problem. After my husband and I separated, it was just my salary to support myself and my son. And with the same bills, and trying to maintain the same lifestyle, it became more than I could bear…or so I thought. David was able to give me a written budget customized to my specific situation, and some helpful tips based on my spending habits, and after putting it in place, I can tell you that, just like losing weight is difficult but worth the effort, so is personal finances. I am finally armed with the tools necessary to succeed. Thank You, David! I am looking for opportunities to tell others about you.