It is often in those small times of quiet that a person truly finds themself.  It can happen during meditation, or in a crowded movie theater, or while taking a walk in a park.  A feeling comes over you like a ton of bricks, almost as though it physically hurts.  And in that moment, something is revealed to inspire growth or movemement.

When a man takes a chance on a better life, and is beaten, not once but time and time again, why does he continue? Why would anyone subject themself and their family to that?

To build a better life.

To look his family in the eyes at night, knowing that he’s done everything in his power to create a better life. A better life for the man in the mirror. A better life for the wife he promised to “to have and to hold…until the end do days”. A better life for his kids. A better legacy of himself…not necessarily to be remembered after he dies, but rather, to leave this world a little better than when he entered it. To help folks that need direction, clarity, advise, or simply a good word.

What I am building is not about me. It’s not about how you will remember me. It’s about taking care of my family, showing them what God looks and acts like, so that they will one day “pay it forward”.

I’m building a business about people. Financial Independence is the goal…for myself and my clients.

I would like to help you.