Hello all. My name is David Thompson.

My finances are in order.  I live ‘beneath my means’.  I have the correct amount of term life insurance.  I have no debt except for my home, which should be paid off within two years. I have lived without credit cards for several years, and I am better for it. I have a fully funded emergency fund, and I have tax-sheltered savings accounts to prepare for both my children’s college education and my own retirement.

I began my career in banking, then switched into Human Resources, achieved the above stated financial goals, and then promptly left to start my own company.  You see, I feel that what’s missing in most businesses is the focus on clients.  It’s too easy to lose track of that in dealing with the day-to-day politics, endless meetings, and routine crap we all endure.  I know that you understand what I’m talking about.  I saw you smirk!

I began as a financial coach a few years back very much by chance.  My wife and I had a dinner party with a few friends, and at some point, the topic turned to how their finances were taking a toll on their overall happiness.  After a few minutes more, I found out that they had no plan.  So, I asked them all for permission to coach them in this area, which was done in the weeks and months to follow.  Fast-forward a few years, and I’m proud to call myself a ‘finance coach’ with many satisfied clients, some of whom you can read about on my testimonials page.

My life’s passion is to equip as many people as possible with a realistic plan customized to their life, in order to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  All of your dreams CAN be achieved!! Let’s Go!! Click here to Get Started!!