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667995_40766786No one ever sat me down to explain finances: insurance, budgeting, debt, investing, retirement…

…how it all works together like a puzzle: that insurance is important, because it protects your family as you grow your wealth, that a written budget is mandatory, not an option, that you should eliminate all debt as quickly as possible, so that you can invest and see extraordinary returns, and that you must begin saving for retirement or you will never retire.

And so, I secured my first job at age 16, and promptly opened up a bank account and a credit card because the “wise” banker told me to do so.  I laugh as I think back on it now.  This guy sits in front of me, dressed in suit and tie, shiny shoes, clean shaven face and head, and I was ignorant enough to believe that he had my best interest in mind.  He went on and on about why not only should I open a bank account, but that I should certainly have a credit card, and to max it out in order to build my credit, so that I could qualify for more debt.  Did you hear me?  He advised me to get into debt in order to get into more debt!!  What?!  And ignorantly, I complied.  I did what most of us have done in this society, and I bought a house, a car, and I opened a few credit cards and eventually maxed them all out…every single one of them!  But, it’s okay because I was going to pay them off, right?  But then life happened…I met a beautiful lady, got married, had two beautiful children, and one day several years later, I opened the mailbox, only to find that my poor decisions had followed me home.  In that moment, I realized that I had no plan, except a plan to stay in debt forever.  I had officially hit My Rock Bottom.  And so, I looked for a way out…a quick fix.  But, guess what, there is no quick fix for finances.  So, I read a book or two, got advise from some wise old men, made a realistic plan to become debt-free and to stay debt-free, and I got out of debt within a few short years…well, except for the mortgage…still working on that one.

And so it was, that as I began to live this new life, free from financial constraints, that I began to share my journey with friends and family, only to realize that they were stuck in the same death-trap that I had just been in just a few years prior.  And that stirred a fire inside me.  I began to work with each and every one of them, and I’m happy to report that each of them are my best clients today.

My life’s passion is to equip as many people as possible with a realistic plan customized to their life, in order to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  Your dreams CAN be achieved!! Let’s Go!! Click here to Get Started!!